Sustainable Soil Program with TerraClean 5.0 and TerraGrow. Out With the Bad. In With the Good.

sustainable soil

OUT WITH THE BAD, BUT NEVER ANY GOOD: For quite some time, agriculture has depended on soil fumigation to “nuke” the soil profile, controlling a host of pests and pathogens.  The challenge with fumigation is it eradicates everything in the soil, including beneficial microorganisms that we are now learning are critical to soil and plant health.

OUT WITH THE BAD: The conventional solution has been methyl bromide, a highly effective, yet highly hazardous and persistent chemical used to control pests ranging from pathogens to nematodes and even weed seeds; but due to a paradigm shift in environmental concerns, methyl bromide has been phased out and growers are now struggling to come up with effective solutions.

IN WITH THE GOOD: BioSafe Systems has been developing sustainable chemistries for over 20 years; with our new Sustainable Soil Program that includes TerraClean 5.0 Soil Treatment and TerraGrow Soil Inoculant growers now have a sustainable solution to treating their soil.  BioSafe’s Sustainable Soil Program is proving to be a highly effective alternative to soil fumigation.  This revolutionary program combines the power of TerraClean’s peroxyacetic acid technology to eliminate “the bad” pathogens and pests followed by TerraGrow Soil Inoculant to add “the good” microorganisms back into the soil.

OUT WITH THE BAD: SUSTAINABLY: The program starts by treating the soil with TerraClean 5.0, using the powerful peroxyacetic acid chemistry to eliminate soil pathogens and pests immediately – before planting.  TerraClean 5.0 is a powerful yet safe chemistry, allowing growers to treat their soil when it’s convenient for them without any plant back restrictions.  TerraClean 5.0 can be applied at any stage of plant growth to kill and suppress soil pathogens and pests that may become a challenge throughout the season; it is critical, however, to utilize TerraClean 5.0 prior to seeding or transplanting to ensure that your soil is clean before putting “the good” back using TerraGrow.

IN WITH THE GOOD: SUSTAINABLY: TerraGrow Soil Inoculant was engineered after 3 years of research and development to formulate a high quality multi-strain beneficial growth package for fruits, vegetables and row crops.  Following the TerraClean Soil Treatment application, TerraGrow can be chemigated or drenched directly into the recently treated area to establish a strong beneficial population.  With the soil profile being clean and free of pathogen pressure, TerraGrow’s multi-strain formula can rapidly colonize around the plant roots and soil profile.  TerraGrow’s 7-strain formula focuses on the symbiotic relationship between each strain, ensuring they are working together to aid in systemic resistance, colonization of root zone, and nutrient absorption.  TerraGrow quickly reestablishes beneficial bacteria and fungi populations in and around the root zone to ensure detrimental plant pathogens don’t move back into the “clean zone.”

BioSafe’s Sustainable Soil Program is truly sustainable; it leaves no chemical byproduct and with zero mutational resistance, this program can be used season after season without a reduction in performance.  TerraClean Soil Treatment and TerraGrow Soil Inoculant are OMRI listed, NOP Compliant, and highly researched and proven in numerous soil conditions.  Another incredible benefit of BioSafe’s Sustainable Soil Program is: there are no plant back restrictions. You can treat the field and plant 12 hours later – making this an ideal soil treatment option for double cropping and in-season treatments.


Michael Larose, BioSafe Systems

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