Unlike traditional methods this on-site, on-demand product allows customers to dose the exact amount and type of PAA needed for their application – no test strips or guess-work needed. OxyFusion and the BioChamber work in tandem to monitor PAA levels in real-time. OxyFusion arrives pre-assembled as a turnkey solution; all that is needed is a water source, electricity, and stock solutions to generate PAA. The system can also be tied into a water line that feeds into a production point requiring disinfection/sanitation.


  • Fully automated design adjusts chemical levels and sends alarm notifications to customer, service representatives, and engineering team

  • BioSafe remotely monitors product levels and manages reordering/replenishing chemicals

  • Top-of-the-line Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • OxyFusion peroxyacetic acid can be produced in a wide range of pH values (2-10)

  • Can be generated without acetic acid so it has no odor

  • Variable configuration adjustments can be selected

  • Real-time monitoring of pH and temperature of PAA

  • FCN 001783 up to 2,000 ppm process water as a spray, dip, ice-chiller water or scald water for washing, rinsing or cooling meat, poultry fish and seafood. Final at-use concentrations of peroxyacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide are limited to: (1) 1,800 ppm peratic acid and 1,215 ppm hydrogen peroxide in water for whole and cut meat carcasses, parts, trim and organs; (2) 2,000 ppm peroxyacetic acid and 1,474 ppm hydrogen peroxide in water for whole or cut poultry carcasses, parts and trim. One system for multiple applications


  • Both caustic, neutral and acid PAA can be generated

  • OxyFusion peroxyacetic acid can be configured with a limited half-life

  • Contains no stabilizer components like HEDP

  • OxyFusion peroxyacetic acid may be generated with varying rates of free hydrogen peroxide, as needed

  • Has a lower carbon footprint as compared to traditional forms of PAA

  • Cost comparable to 5.0%, 12.0%, 15.0% and 22% products

  • No Odor