OxyFusion is a proprietary technology capable of producing high
volumes of peroxyacetic acid (PAA) in precise concentrations. This innovative science can create a powerful and effective compound on-site and on-demand, offering growers exclusive advantages. BioSafe Systems’ unique go-to-market strategy provides OxyFusion to customers for the cost of water being treated.*


  • PAA produced by OxyFusion can be generated in a variety of pH values

  • OxyFusion can generate PAA between 15–2,000 ppm

  • OxyFusion can be generated under a wide range of predetermined flow rates

  • OxyFusion PAA reduces risk of biofilms and has no odor

  • Internet and phone app connectivity – 24 hour monitoring and control

  • Complete internal data logging and exporting capabilities


  • BioSafe Systems provides all precursor products at no charge to the grower

  • OxyFusion is leased on a per-gallon of water treated*

  • BioSafe Systems provides free maintenance and service with agreement

  • OxyFusion puts control in the grower’s hands