OxiDate 2.0 Study Proves Effective on Tomato Leaf Mold

According to a recently published study by Cornell University researchers based in Geneva, NY, OxiDate 2.0 was shown to be effective in reducing leaf mold severity on field tomatoes caused by the fungus passalora fulva.

The study evaluated the effectiveness of various organic approved products, including OxiDate 2.0. The test was conducted on the “Mountain Fresh Plus” variety of tomato plants that were artificially inoculated with the pathogen.

Researchers’ findings indicate that OxiDate 2.0 is among a few products that showed significant control of tomato leaf mold when applied as a foliar spray. OxiDate 2.0 is an OMRI-listed bactericide and fungicide registered for use on several crops, including tomatoes, with a 1-hr REI and can be sprayed until harvest (Zero (0) PHI).

For more information on this study and OxiDate 2.0 spray program, contact BioSafe Systems toll-free at 888-273-3088.

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