OxiDate 2.0 Study Proves Effective on Cucumber Downy Mildew

A 2014-published study by Ohio State University researchers found OxiDate 2.0 to be effective in controlling Downy Mildew (pseudoperonospora cubensis) in cucumbers (variety Lisboa). The study evaluated several biorational products, including OxiDate 2.0, applied as foliar sprays in covered and non-covered conditions.

The results showed that OxiDate 2.0 is among a few treatments that significantly reduced downy mildew disease progress during the growing season in both covered and non-covered plants. OxiDate 2.0 is an OMRI-listed bactericide and fungicide registered for use on several crops, including Cucurbits, with a 1-hr REI and can be sprayed until harvest (Zero (0) PHI).

For more information on this study and OxiDate 2.0 spray program, contact BioSafe Systems toll-free at 888-273-3088.

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