BioSafe Systems adds to their Meat, Poultry, and Seafood team

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the hire of Morgan Cunningham as Technical Sales Representative for their Meat, Poultry, and Seafood (MPS) sales team. Based out of Virginia, Morgan will be working to build new sales opportunities within the poultry and egg industry across the Delmarva region of the United States and support the company through representation at industry events.

Morgan earned a Bachelors in Poultry Science from North Carolina State University in 2013, and since graduating has been employed with Tyson as a Broiler Service Technician and most recently as Grow out Supervisor for Cobb-Vantress Pedigree Farms.

When not working Morgan enjoys spending time on the water with her fiancée and two dogs. For more information contact BioSafe Systems toll-free at 888-273-3088 or visit

BioSafe Systems adds to their Meat, Poultry, and Seafood team

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the hire of Justin Anderson as Technical Sales Representative for their Meat, Poultry, and Seafood (MPS) sales team. Based out of Alabama, Justin will be working to build new sales opportunities within the poultry and egg industry across the Southeast region of the United States and support the company through representation at industry events.

Justin earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and initially desired to become a teacher, but his history and knowledge of the poultry industry called him back. Prior to joining BioSafe Systems he was employed with Wayne Farms, holding several different roles which gives him invaluable work experience.

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BioSafe Systems Introduces BioSafe Continuous Dosing System (CDS) for Livestock Water Treatment

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems announces BioSafe Continuous Dosing System™, a single chemical pre-dilution tank that provides ultra-lean dilutionsand eliminates hand mixing stock solutions. Available in three models, this system keeps livestock water lines clear of scale, mineral build-up, harmful bacteria, algae, and heavy soils.

The BioSafe CDS is easily integrated with existing medicators, reduces handling and monitoring of chemicals, and provides safer working environments to employees.

Pairing BioSafe CDS with BioSafe Systems’ SaniDate® 5.0 maintains clean and disease-free water for your livestock by utilizing the proven power of peroxyacetic acid to break up biofilm and mineral deposits to clean your water lines. SaniDate 5.0 is safe to use as both a drinking water sanitizer or during routine maintenance.

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No Antibiotics. EVER.

By: Rob Larose, President & CEO of BioSafe Systems
I do not like the word “never” and do not want to be a hypocrite. However, I do think that limiting the use of antibiotics is a good strategy for livestock production as well as careful use in human health treatments.
Biosecurity procedures protect humans or animals against diseases that may exist in crops, livestock or living organisms. Biosecurity measures must be the cornerstone of the effort from start to finish. This does not have to be an expensive program, but it does need to be ever present and ongoing. Just like a food safety program, it must be part of the operations’ everyday culture and methods.

These Biosecurity measures must be centered around the following:

  • Introduction of diseased birds
    All incoming birds should be certified “clean.”
  • Clean shoes and clothing of visitors/farm workers who move from flock to flock
    This should be standard protocol, with each farm controlling who enters their facilities, ensuring that their shoes and vehicles are decontaminated. This operation can be as simple or as complicated as one may want to make it, but at a minimum, having good documentation and a foot bath with a properly labeled disinfectant will work.

  • Dispose of bird carcasses properly
    Have a proper way of disposing dead birds away from the growing area and a procedure that covers best practices in gathering and transporting dead birds to the incinerator.

  • Pay attention to impure water, such as surface drainage water 
    This is an important factor. Most farms do not pay enough attention to this critical part of animal health. Without the applications of antibiotics, it becomes imperative to provide the cleanest water and transport this water into the cleanest piping system possible. Farm water can he high in pH, iron, calcium and contain big populations of algae, bacteria and fungi, which can become detriments to gut and bird health. Many times, the potable water piping and conveyance systems have biofilms that have been established within the piping and may further harbor pathogens and cause line and piping blockage.

    An effective water treatment program can help eliminate the microorganisms that contribute to poor gut health and disease. A good water treatment program will more than pay for itself in terms of increased bird health and feed conversion.

  • Rodents, wild animals and free-flying birds exist in unison
    A “Zero Tolerance” program allows rodents and birds to exist within poultry houses and methods should be used to prevent incursions by birds and rodents. This program states that if any dangerous substance is present in a product, it is not suitable for human consumption. Dangerous substances include chemicals or feces. Newer products mean that they may be applied with the birds present.

  • Insect control plan is a necessity
    An effective, insect control plan is of paramount importance to the ultimate health of the flock. Insects are one of the prime vectors of diseased organisms. Newer and greener insect control is being introduced and combines the use of biological controls that infect poultry pests such as darkling beetles with botanical insecticides that interrupt the life cycle of insects like mites and flies.

  • Contaminated feed can cause damage
    This can be challenging. A good selection of important feed suppliers, proper storage of the feed once on the farm, and protection from rodents, birds and insects can help the proper nutrients survive.

  • Contaminated delivery, rendering & live hauling trucks can spread disease quickly
    Good biosecurity procedures, as outlined, should be applied to suppliers delivering products to the farm. These trucks can be the prime mover of contamination from farm to farm if not properly managed. Travel time and distance will determine if the poultry is frozen or fresh. Sanitizing properly is ideal for lowering the possibility of disease lingering.

  • Sanitizing premises will protect more for longer 
    A couple of the best practices to keep weeds away from poultry houses are to keep trash in covered receptacles and allow for good drainage to shed water away from houses. Particular attention should be paid to the regular cleaning and sanitation of all water and feed conveyance systems, cleaning and sanitizing evaporative coolers, fan blades and treating the water used in the evaporative cooler.

BioSafe Systems to exhibit in new booth at IPPE 2019

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems will once again be exhibiting at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2019 on February 12-14, 2019 in Atlanta, GA but in a new location.

This year the company will be located at booth #10361 in Hall C which focuses on live poultry production, egg production, and processing which perfectly matches the solutions and services BioSafe Systems is known for in this industry. Find us here!

As one of the largest manufacturers of peroxyacetic acid in the nation, BioSafe Systems provides powerful and effective solutions for many different aspects of the poultry industry all while maintaining environmentally friendly practices and product production.


Sanitation/Disinfection • Water Treatment • Insect & Weed Control • PAA Production • OMRI

Contact one of our IPPE representatives to book an appointment during the show:

Dean Allen – Segment Manager, LA

Jeff Madewell – Services Manager, AR

Heidi Hudson – Technical Sales, TX

Will Varner – Technical Sales, NC

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BioSafe Systems Introduces New PAA Production for Poultry Processing

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is introducing a new type of peroxyacetic acid production to the poultry market.  Trademarked as OxyFusion this on-demand system can produce peroxyacetic acid with a neutral, caustic, or acidic pH values to help provide innovative solutions for poultry interventions. Unlike traditional PAA use, this proprietary system eliminates off-gas odors and corrosivity concerns.

OxyFusion can produce PAA for multiple injections points simultaneously while complete cloud data recording monitors functions 24-7 and alerts users of changes to ppm or pH levels. The system’s data collection is easily accessible via smart phone app, user computers, and directly through a screen installed in the structure.

OxyFusion technology is compliant with FDA FCN 1501 and 1554 for poultry carcasses, parts, organs and for all meat, poultry, and fish intervention applications up to 2,000 ppm of PAA. “This new technology is a perfect complement to our existing line of PAA product solutions,” states Rob Larose, CEO of BioSafe Systems.


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BioSafe Systems Introduces New Technology for PAA Monitoring in Poultry Processing

EAST HARTFORD, Connecticut – BioSafe Systems announces new technology to monitor PAA concentrations in water used for poultry processing chiller applications. The BioChambersystem is designed for real-time monitoring of chiller process waters where high pH levels and high levels of fats, oils, and greases would typically damage standard probe technology.

The BioChamberis designed to read ppm levels in chiller process water and communicate with the pump controller to maintain desired levels of intervention chemistry. This system allows the chiller to automatically increase or decrease the amount of PAA being introduced, regardless of pH levels, while transmitting all data to a cloud-based data system for 24-hour monitoring and reporting.

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BioSafe 20th Anniversary

BioSafe Systems adds to Meat, Poultry, and Seafood (MPS) Team

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the hire of Heidi Hudson as their new MPS Technical Sales Representative. Working from her home office in Texas, Heidi will be responsible for generating Animal Health distribution and sales opportunities in the South-Central region of the U.S.

Prior to joining BioSafe Systems, Heidi was employed as an account executive for Promo Gifts LLC where she worked to implement brand ambassadorship, customer loyalty programs, and marketing campaigns for different clients throughout the state of Texas. Having previously been a Texas FFA (Future Farmers of America) Officer and holding a degree Poultry Science from Texas A&M University in College Station, Heidi comes to us with a versatile background in the animal-agriculture industry.

When not working, Heidi spends her free time volunteering in youth organizations, wood-working, reading, or in the outdoors with her husband Brian.


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BioSafe 20th Anniversary

SaniDate®5.0 Canada Gets Updates to Label

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems’ SaniDate®5.0 Canada has expanded its label to include new pathogen control claims, several new applications, and mold and mildew control. The 5% PAA product is now labeled as a viricidal against Human Influenza Virus (H1N1), Canine Distemper Virus, and Avian Influenza Virus (H9N2), as well as being a disinfectant against Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, and numerous other bacteria and fungi.

Among the new approved applications are:

  • Sanitizing casing or shell egg wash
  • Use in disinfecting foot baths, mats, and trays
  • Mold and mildew control on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Foaming disinfection/cleaning

SaniDate®5.0 Canada previously had approved labeling for disinfection of food-contact surfaces, sanitizing conveyers for meat, poultry, and seafood, along with disinfection of poultry hatcheries and poultry holding areas (trucks, coops, crates, barns, kennels, and hutches).

For more information on SaniDate®5.0 Canada please contact us toll-free at 888-273-3088 or visit and

BioSafe 20th Anniversary

BioSafe Systems to open Service Center in South

EAST HARTFORD, CT – BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the addition of a commercial service center located in Springdale, AR. This facility will be the hub of coordination for service provided to on-the-farm and protein processing plants within the Southern US.

Set to open by the end of August 2018, service representatives specialize in on-site assessments for water treatment programs, sustainable insect control, antimicrobial intervention opportunities, and installation and management of BioSafe Systems’ equipment.

This facility will join the four current manufacturing locations BioSafe Systems operates across the continental US.

For more information contact BioSafe Systems toll-free at 888-273-3088 or visit