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BioSafe Systems’ Cannabis Program

BioSafe Systems offers a complete line of protection and disinfection products that are crucial to the health and profitability of cannabis crops. From propagation and vegetative & flowering stages through water treatment, cleanup and facility disinfection, we can help you design a program ideal for your specific needs. This sustainable line of effective chemistries is safe for plants, workers and the environment and is EPA registered and OMRI listed. *

*Not all products are OMRI listed. Check specific product labels.


  • Residue-free crop protection

  • Food-safety level sanitation

  • No rinse required

  • Focus on zero-waste production

  • MPS code white chemistry

Areas of Expertise

  • Propagation

  • Crop Protection

  • Water Treatment

  • Facility Sanitation/Disinfection

The BioSafe Systems’ Cannabis Program includes solutions for insect control, pathogen protection, water treatment and post-harvest disinfection from propagation through cleanup.

ZeroTol 2.0




BioCeres WP


SaniDate 5.0

Cannabis Program Resources

Make Applications Easy with our Air-Assisted Foamers

BioFoamer is available in a variety of tank capacities. They operate on 40 to 70 PSI of compressed air and require pre-mixed detergent solutions to create thick, long-lasting foam. ideal for use with ZeroTol 2.0, SaniDate 5.0, and StorOx 2.0, the BioFoamer unit will infuse these formulations into a thick foam, providing a visual cue for coverage and extended contact time.

  • Operate on 40-70 PSI or compressed air

  • Produces up to 20 gallons of foam per minute

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