Canadian Label Completed for New ‘SaniDate®FD Canada’

After receiving an Interim Letter of No Objection (iLONO) from the Canadian Health Department in May, SaniDateFD Canada will be ready for sale inside Canada’s border within the next few weeks.  The label created specifically for the country includes intervention applications for meat, poultry and ready-to-eat meat products.

SaniDateFD Canada is a peroxyacetic acid-based microbiocide developed for use in federally inspected meat and poultry processing facilities. When used as directed, it will help to reduce contamination and cross-contamination.  This product is intended to be used as an antimicrobial agent to control microorganisms in process water and ice used in the production and preparation of poultry, meat, processed meat and preformed meat.

For more information about SaniDateFD, please call our home office at 888-273-3088.

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