Calcis is a liquid lime supplement for use in lakes and ponds. This highly concentrated calcium carbonate formula harnesses the benefits of natural limestone and improves the water hardness, alkalinity, and buffering pH fluctuations, giving you ideal pond water quality.

Poor water quality conditions contribute to many issues including, but not limited to, an unbalanced pond food-chain, issues with pH, and low fish production. Calcis is designed to make liming any pond quick and easy.

Bill Squire owns a plot of land in North Carolina. Through years of mining and digging for dirt, Squire’s land had a giant hole that, through years of collecting rainwater, formed into a pond. Squire saw this as an opportunity and sought to turn this newly formed pond into a fishing location.

In this first episode of the “Calcis Chronicles”, Bill Squire shares how Foster Lake & Pond Management used BioSafe Systems’ liquid lime supplement, Calcis®, to quickly transform his property into a premier fishing location. BioSafe’s own Tom Warmuth explains how any pond’s water quality and aquatic ecosystem can benefit from the application of Calcis.

Calcis is a highly concentrated calcium carbonate that improves a water’s hardness, alkalinity and buffering pH fluctuation – all of which yielding ideal pond water quality. Made in the USA.

SOLitude Lake Management recently tested the water quality at a site in North Carolina. The body of water revealed to be less than ideal conditions. With that in mind, SOLitude teamed up with BioSafe Systems for a lime application which would help increase alkalinity, hardness and buffer the pH in water systems. The ideal result would be the body of water would turn into a healthier, aquatic ecosystem.

BioSafe Systems’ Calcis® Liquid Calcium Carbonate, an alternative to aggregate the lime, minimized labor costs and expedited the application. The smaller volume of the material, less labor and equipment helped the lake management team complete the application in one day.

The Calcis was dispensed into the water via direct injection with a prop wash, used to help agitate the treatment area and provide better coverage. The results lined up with both the client and lake management teams’ expectations – Calcis improved the water quality and restored balance.

Easy to apply compared to traditional agricultural lime
Raises alkalinity, improves hardness and buffers pH
5 gallon yields equivalent to 1 ton of agricultural lime

Safe, long-lasting results in days, not months
Active ingredient: calcium carbonate