BioSafe Systems’ SaniDate 5.0 Now Approved for Sanitation of Shell and Hatching Eggs

SaniDate 5.0 is a highly stabilized 5% peroxyacetic acid formulation designed to overcome high levels of organic contamination typical of poultry operations. Broadly labeled for all sanitation and disinfection applications within hatcheries and egg production, SaniDate 5.0 Sanitizer/Disinfectant now has an expanded EPA label to include applications for the sanitation of shell eggs and hatching eggs.
The new comprehensive label includes all major BioSecurity applications, approval for organic and Kosher production, and as always proudly made in the USA.
BioSafe Systems is committed to providing poultry hatcheries with effective and sustainable products that meet strict industry standards. To learn more about how SaniDate 5.0 is an effective and versatile sanitizer, please contact Russell Owings by email at ; phone 1.540.256.8426. or call BioSafe Systems toll free at 1-888-273-3088 or visit our webpage at

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