Research Shows BioSafe Products: OxiDate 2.0 and ZeroTol 2.0 Safe for Honey Bees

Released 11/13/15

Honey Bee colony collapse has been a major concern over the past several years, and since the exposure to pesticides has been linked to the decline, it’s a concern for manufacturers and suppliers of bactericides and
fungicides as well.

Here at BioSafe Systems, where sustainable solutions are a top priority, we are constantly striving to solve real world issues that affect our stakeholders, from our customers and growers, to their customers, and in this case, the far reaching effects of colony collapse disorder.

In May 2015, we initiated a lab study to assess the acute contact toxicity potential of our OMRI listed and EPA approved bactericides, OxiDate 2.0 and ZeroTol 2.0, to prove that this effective crop solution is also safe to use in the presence of Honey Bees.

This 96 hour toxicity test was conducted by exposing Apis mellifera (Honey Bees) through direct topical application of OxiDate 2.0 and ZeroTol 2.0 in strict accordance with the EPA guideline 850.3020, and observed at ~4 hours after initial dosing and at 24 hours through 96 hours for mortality and clinical signs of intoxication (ataxia, lethargy, hypersensitivity, etc.).

The conclusions of the study clearly show that BioSafe Systems’ OxiDate 2.0 and ZeroTol 2.0 are non-toxic and completely safe on Honey Bees when crops are sprayed at labeled concentrations and bees are actively visiting the treatment area.

Simply Sustainable. Always Effective, and now proven Bee Friendly; just another reason to trust the PAA family of products from BioSafe Systems. For more information and a copy of the StillMeadow, Inc toxicity limit test, please
call 1.888.273.3088.

About BioSafe Systems, LLC
BioSafe Systems, LLC has been a manufacturer and marketer of sustainable crop protection, water treatment and food safety solutions in the agrichemical segment. BioSafe also provides unique, sustainable and environmentally responsible chemistries into the horticultural, meat and poultry and retail segments. BioSafe is a family-owned company based in East Hartford, CT whose products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

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