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SaniDate 5.0

Keep your post harvest equipment and fruits and vegetables free of disease with SaniDate 5.0’s time-tested activated peroxide chemistry. SaniDate 5.0
is broadly labeled for hard surface sanitization and disinfection, as well as fruit and vegetable wash treatments to eliminate human health and plant
spoilage pathogens on contact. SaniDate 5.0 is also
NOP compliant and OMRI Listed for organic production.

Produce Applications
Use SaniDate 5.0 in your food safety program as
a surface treatment in dump tank and line spray applications. Apply SaniDate 5.0 as a dip or spray wash
to control the growth of microorganisms that cause decay and spoilage on raw, post harvest fruits and vegetables, as well as on processed fruit and vegetable surfaces.

• No Run–Off or Dumping Restrictions
• Alternative to Chlorine
• Environmentally Responsible Chemistry

SaniDate 5.0
  pdf  SaniDate 5.0 MSDS
  pdf  SaniDate 5.0 Specimen Label
  pdf  SaniDate 5.0 OMRI Certificates

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