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ZeroTol 2.0

ZeroTol 2.0 is a liquid concentrate with two powerful active ingredients, Hydrogen Dioxide and Peroxyacetic Acid that work in unison as a contact chemistry to
reduce populations of dormant spores and active disease organisms. ZeroTol 2.0 is a sustainable chemistry that gives professionals a tool for controlling a broad range
of pathogens like anthracnose, Botrytis, Xanthomonas, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, and many more.

ZeroTol 2.0 can be tank mixed with a compatible systemic chemistry or insecticide to improve total disease control.

• Foliar & Root Disease Control
• Zero–Hour REI, No Labor Loss
• Excellent Resistance Management Tool

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       Ornamental Kale
“I like ZeroTol 2.0 in propagation, sterilization, crop protection, and cleaning liners. I also use it for dipping cuttings and spraying roses once a week for mildew control and for Bacterial Blight on Indian Hawthorn.”

Juan Garcia, Head Grower at Country Pines 
   Forest Hill, LA

BioSafe Systems, a family-owned manufacturer of biodegradable
disease control products, began selling its flagship product ZeroTol to the horticulture industry in 1998.

BioSafe Systems quickly expanded to
the agricultural, industrial, and consumer markets with innovative pest control solutions, applications, and products.

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