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SaniDate 12.0

SaniDate 12.0 combines the power of hydrogen with the sustaining life-force of oxygen; taking irrigation water where no chemistry has gone before. SaniDate 12.0 is a microbiocide made up of a unique formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxyacetic Acid. SaniDate 12.0’s combination chemistry oxidizes the cell membrane of algae, fungi, and bacteria on contact. It also destroys their dormant spores providing growers with the highest possible treatment disease control.

SaniDate 12.0 is a one step process into all types of irrigation systems and it’s rapid reaction makes it an excellent chemistry for in pipe treatment and short contact times. For even healthier plants, SaniDate 12.0 releases 100 times its weight in active oxygen. 

• Effective at Any pH Level
• Does Not Off Gas; Adds Dissolved Oxygen Into Water
• Highly Concentrated, Cost Effective Formula

SaniDate 12.0
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BioSafe Systems, a family-owned manufacturer of biodegradable
disease control products, began selling its flagship product ZeroTol to the horticulture industry in 1998.

BioSafe Systems quickly expanded to
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