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GreenCleanPRO is the only peroxide based algaecide
with a broad spectrum label. This professional strength formula eliminates a broad spectrum of algae on contact.  GreenCleanPRO works through a powerful oxidation reaction. The peroxygen chemistry in GreenCleanPRO reacts with natural elements of surface waters, creating hydroxyl free radicals, strong oxidizers that destroy algal cell membranes, chlorophyll, and unsaturated fatty acids, providing immediate control of algae.

GreenCleanPRO is an integral part of an entire water management system. GreenCleanPRO is a copper alternative that can be used by itself, in conjunction with biological products, or in rotation with other algaecides to help maintain clear, algae free waters.

When used as a dry application on walkways, soil, weed barriers, and other surfaces, it will leave a residual barrier behind to help inhibit the re-growth of problematic microorganisms.

Use GreenCleanPRO under benches and weed mats to control or prevent algae and other microorganisms from growing, or spread on concrete walkways to help prevent slip and fall conditions.

• No Restrictions; Biodegrades Completely
• No Mutational Resistance
• Releases Oxygen

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