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StorOx 2.0

StorOx 2.0 is a versatile post harvest tool that extends shelf life and reduces spoilage of stored crops. A chlorine alternative, StorOx 2.0 leaves no residues. Use StorOx 2.0 in all packing shed and post harvest applications to 
kill bacteria, fungi, and their spores, which cause premature decay.

StorOx 2.0 is now labeled for hard surface treatments including sanitization and disinfection of packing and processing equipment, packaging equipment,
field equipment and other post harvest applications. Listed microorganisms include E-coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella, Staph, Listeria and other gram positive and negative bacteria.

• Non-Residual, Exempt from Pesticide Tolerances
• Reduction of Spoilage Organisms
• Extension of Shelf Life

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  pdf  StorOx 2.0 Potato Grower Ad
pdf  StorOx 2.0 Controls Potato Soft Rot pdf  StorOx 2.0 MSDS
pdf  StorOx 2.0 Controls Potato Bacterial Ring Rot
  pdf  StorOx 2.0 OMRI Certificate

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BioSafe Systems quickly expanded to
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