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OxiDate 2.0

OxiDate 2.0 kills bacterial and fungal pathogens, offering superior crop protection. Use OxiDate 2.0 for curative and preventative applications, or tank mix with other residual fungicides to help provide immediate knockdown control. With OxiDate 2.0, zero days to harvest and zero hour re-entry interval allow growers to spray right up to harvest.

• Zero-Days to Harvest & Zero-Hour REI
• Exempt from Pesticide Residue
• No Mutational Resistance

OxiDate RTU
  PDF OxiDate 2.0 Potato Grower Ad
  PDF OxiDate 2.0 Citrus & Vegetable Ad
PDF OxiDate 2.0 Controls Powdery Mildew PDF OxiDate 2.0 MSDS
PDF OxiDate 2.0 Controls Botrytis Fruit Rot PDF OxiDate 2.0 Specimen Label
PDF OxiDate 2.0 Controls White Mold in Beans PDF OxiDate 2.0 OMRI Certificate
PDF OxiDate 2.0 Controls Bacterial Leaf Blight
      in Onions
PDF OxiDate OMRI Certificate

BioSafe Systems, a family-owned manufacturer of biodegradable
disease control products, began selling its flagship product ZeroTol to the horticulture industry in 1998.

BioSafe Systems quickly expanded to
the agricultural, industrial, and consumer markets with innovative pest control solutions, applications, and products.

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