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The GreenClean Lake Management Solutions product line is a uniquely balanced, broad spectrum offering of products designed to enhance your water’s health, quality and appearance. GreenCleanPRO and GreenClean Liquid are alternatives to products that utilize copper or other harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals as their active ingredient.

Lakes and ponds provide a source for an abundance of recreational activities such as fishing, boating and swimming, while also providing important functions like irrigation for agricultural operations and drinking water for communities.

A clean and clear lake or pond system is vital to a community’s ability to enjoy and use one of its natural resources.

By establishing a maintenance program with GreenClean products you can alleviate algal issues that are detrimental to a lake or pond’s community function. When utilizing the GreenClean Lake Management Solutions line of products, lakes and ponds can be well-maintained with minimal impact on the environment.

Get the power of peroxygen with GreenCleanPRO and GreenClean Liquid 2.0. 


GreenCleanPRO  Granular Algaecide/Fungicide OMRI Listed

GreenClean Liquid 2.0  Algaecide/Bactericide



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